Seychelles Special License Company

A Seychelles Special License Company (CSL) is a Seychelles domestic company which is granted with a special license. This special license allows the Seychelles Company to undertake specified business activities as approved by the Seychelles. Financial Services Authority and include the following:
  • Investment management and advice
  • Offshore banking
  • Investment Services

Businesses in:

  • Marketing company
  • Intellectual property holding company
  • Franchise company
  • Human Resources company

A Seychelles CSL can use double taxation agreements (DTA) to reduce taxable income, subject to the DTA signed by both countries.

Features of a Seychelles CSL:



  Type of the company   CSL
  Type of law   Hybrid
  Ready-made company available   No
  Legislations   Companies Act 1972 & Companies Act 2003


  Minimum number of directors   Two
  Corporate directors permissible   No
  Local directors required   No (but necessary for DTA reliance cases)
  Publicly accessible records of directors   Yes
  Location of meetings   Anywhere

Shareholders (Members)

  Minimum number of shareholders   Two
  Corporate shareholders permissible   No
  Local shareholder required   No
  Publicly accessible records  
  Location of meetings   Anywhere

Beneficial Owners

  Publicly accessible records of beneficial owners   No
  Shares may be held by a nominee on behalf of beneficial owner(s)   Yes

Company Secretary

  Required   Yes
  Local or qualified secretary   Local(a licensed CSP )

Share Capital

  Standard Currency   USD
  Permitted Currency   Any except Rs
  Standard Authorised Share Capital   USD5,000 (up to USD100,000)
  Standard minimum issued capital   10% of authorised share capital
  Registered Shares permissible   Bearer shares Not Allowed

Accounts and Returns

  Requirement to prepare accounts   Yes
  Requirement to file accounts   Yes
  Audit requirements   Yes
  Publicly accessible accounts   No


  Corporate taxation   1.5% on its worldwide income
  Double taxation treaty access   Yes
  Change in Domicile   Yes

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