Doing Business, Working and Living in Seychelles

Premier can assist you in obtaining a work permit (or a Gainful Occupation Permit - GOP) that allows you as a foreign nationals to work in Seychelles. This permit is both a work and a residence permit. Premier can assist in completing the necessary application and submitting same to the relevant authorities.

The GOP must be submitted by the employer at least 10 weeks before the person is supposed to begin working. The person cannot enter the country to start working before the GOP is issued. However, self-employed people may apply for a GOP after arriving in Seychelles if their plan has initially been approved by the Seychelles Investment Bureau.
The following documents are required along with the GOP application:
  • Proof of Seychelles Investment Bureau’s approval for the project in case of a person starting a business
  • Payment of the GOP application and processing fees

The following factors are considered before granting a GOP:
  • Technical or professional qualifications of the person requesting employment
  • Reputation, health and character of the person requesting employment
  • Availability of the local people for the services required
  • Protection of any local interests
  • Social and economic benefit that the applicant will bring to Seychelles

Once, the GOP has been issued, there are further requirements to be fulfilled within one month of entry in the Seychelles:
  • A bank guarantee or a security bond from a Seychelles bank. The amount is determined depending on the country of origin of the employee.
  • A group security bond or a bank guarantee, which may be approved upon written request.
  • A contract for the employee which has been attested by the Employment Department.

People working in the International Trade Zone (ITZ) must obtain a special work permit. This permit allows non-Seychellois to enter and stay in the country for working in the ITZ. The ITZ operator shall apply for the work permit through the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA). The spouse and children of the applicant may be endorsed on the ITZ work permit.

Should you require further information on an Occupation Permit or need advice for your needs, please call our Expert Team who will assist you with your requirements. You are invited to call us at + 248 430 3777 / 430 3771. You may send your enquiries by email: or by fax at +248 432 5616.

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